LEAPFROG DVD: The Amazing Alphabet Amusement Park

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Get ready for a fun letter ride with three bonus songs, music videos and more! 
Help Lily, Tad and Scout find the letters to start the fun at the amusement park! When their firefly friend, Edison, takes Tad, Lily and Scout to the place of his childhood dreams, the gang is shocked to discover that Alistair Alphabelly's Amazing Amusement Park is..... closed! To make matters worse, Edison has gotten himself stuck atop the Amazing alphabet Ferris Wheel. the only way to save him is to turn on the rides in the park with the magic of the alphabet. Now Tad and Lily must learn all of the letters, big and small, to save their friend, save the day and perhaps even meet the rhyme master himself, Alistair Alphabelly!

The Learning Difference:
Children who can recognize letters with confidence have an easier time learning letter sounds and word spellings. As they begin to read and build words, children learn that rhyming words have the same ending sounds and often share spelling patterns.

Watch as Tad, Lily and Scout use the magic of the alphabet to start the rides and save their friend Edison.
Learn your letters. Get practice recognizing all 52 upper- and lowercase letters.
Time to rhyme. Explore ending sounds with the rhyme master himself, Alistair Alphabelly.
Enjoy bonus fun. Sing along to three learning songs, watch short-vowel shorts and bop to Scout’s music video, “Being a Puppy.” 

Teaches Skills:
The Alphabet
Word Sounds & Rhyme

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