Ardo Medical is Swiss based and WHO compliant. Ardo supports the development of premature and newborn babies, makes breastfeeding easier for mothers and gives safety and comfort to patients. Reliability and product benefits are always the key focus. Ardo taps on its existing wealth of experience to develop breastfeeding aids, as well as suction technology and neonatology. The expertise, passion and commitment of the Ardo team allow them to bring outstanding products to the market, using innovative solutions and an eye quality to get right to the heart of customer needs.

Ardo Mother & Baby’s complete breastfeeding aids include:

Carum – a hospital graded breast pump which meets requirements of professionals such as lactation consultants and midwife in hospital ICU, wards and parent craft departments.

Calypso -the quietest breast pump in the market. Calypso is recommended by the local lactation consultants for its 100% closed system which prevents milk from contaminating the breast pump, different sizes of breast shells, and efficient and gentle expression to avoid sore nipples.

Amaryll – the most favoured manual breast pump voted by moms and professionals for its efficient, easy-to-use and comfortable option for breastfeeding mom who needs to pump on the go. The unique handle attaches three ways for the perfect ergonomic way to pump right or left-handed. Like our electric pumps, Amaryll does not “let go” of your nipple for added comfort and effectiveness.

Gold cream – the ultra-pure nipple cream made from natural lanolin for dry and sensitive skin. It helps in self-healing of the skin.

Tulip nippleshields – help support pain-free breastfeeding by making it easier for the baby to latch on, and protecting and relieving the severely stressed nipples. The special tulip shape means that the baby experiences the smell of its mother close up.

As an official distributor of Ardo Mother & Baby in Singapore and Malaysia, we at Infantree deliver local warranty, service Ardo breast pump and offer available replacement parts and services.